Charlene Fontanills

Founder of Confidence by Char

"Char Fontanills is the Founder of Confidence by Char, a health and wellness company whose supplements are sold in luxurious Spas across the U.S.

She is a #1 Best Selling Author of, “The Confidence Cure” and has been featured on NBC, CBS, and FOX. Char is a Speaker, Certified Bulletproof Coach with the Human Potential Institute and a Rapid Transformation Practitioner. 

charlene fontanills

Char is the creator of the FDA cleared OS2911 Body Device and the proprietary Bodicurrent ® treatment using Microcurrent and sound frequencies to enhance relaxation, youthfulness and cellular health. CBC is the only supplement line specifically created to complement body sculpting services such as Microcurrent, Wood therapy, Cryotherapy, LED light therapy and many others.

She has been a guest speaker on the stages of the Beauty Business Summit, IBBLE, SXSW, Business Masterminds and Transformation Retreats. With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry and 20 years in the financial markets she is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs excel mentally, physically and financially."