Caron MacLane

Life coach

"Since my mother was a narcissist, I hid from her wrath, self-centeredness, and put downs as I grew up, never knowing how she would be in any given moment. I was both on guard and on edge. All. The. Time. I continually practiced flying beneath the radar. So much so that I even hid from myself. It was as if I were a white board and I continually erasing myself. That took a huge hit on knowing who I was.

In my twenties, I began to wear out my friends telling the same old stories of relationship disasters and was finally motivated enough to do something. Because, to my utter horror, I realized I was acting out what I learned from my mother. I knew I had to stop. I was unable to stop, because before stopping, I had to heal. In group therapy, a beginning process was clarity. Clarity about how I wanted to behave.

After being pent up inside me for years, my emotions finally began to come out. As I allowed and experienced my emotions, I became more comfortable with my emotional side. As I experienced the full range of my emotions for possibly the first time in my life, I realized I’m truly a heart-based person. The new understanding allowed me a new perspective. What I learned from my mother, while painful, influenced who I am and my purpose: to work with others seeking to find themselves and discover who they are. Perhaps even after years of invisibility. I never imagined I’d be grateful to my mother!

Having completed extensive healing work, I’ve learned how to live the life I choose. From teaching skiing part time in the winters to coaching year-round to working in my garden in the summers. I live my purpose coaching which resonates deeply with me. I have experienced the power and clarity of the coaching process to make me aware of how I’ve been in my own way. And how coaching helped me find my way out.

When we work together, you can count on me to use whatever tool from my extensive assortment works best to move you to your own clarity about who you are and where you are going. I am fully committed to your evolving."