Ami Maikoski
Certified Holistic Life Coach

"Ami L Maikoski, Certified Holistic Life Coach, has lived her life loving people and desiring to serve. Only until just recently has she discovered the way to commit all of her energies to do no less. After a lifetime of experiences and burning desire in her soul, through research, training, certification and implementation of her knowledge in her daily life, she strives to share the vital basics necessary to live life on a level most of us only dream of. Simplification from chaos, distraction and things that no longer serve us individually is the focus of her message. 

Ami is a veteran of the USAF which brought her to MacDill AFB, FL to finish her military career. Since then she has submerged herself in the Tampa Metro community. After her service, Ami ran a company for several years that consulted small businesses through creation and licensing, development, operations and finance to empower their own success. She transitioned into the banking industry for 6 years working with premier and business banking clients of many levels passionately assuring clients financial confidence in their banking, lending and investment portfolios. She worked closely with leadership teams to motivate and encourage excellence with her teammates. She then moved on as the Operations Director for a custom luxury home developer in the South Tampa area continuing her attention to detail and execution on its finest level for custom clients, vendors and city/county officials to lead her team to create “the perfect abode” for their clients for 3 years. Her love for the thriving success for herself and others in her community is a driving force daily. Deep within there was still an imbalance that drove Ami to leave corporate America to do what her soul has desired all of her life, serve others through coaching and transformational speaking to find vitality on a whole new level through the basics.

Ami gained her Certification as a Holobody Coach (Holistic Life Coach) and Meditation Coach to fine tune her skills, talents and methodologies to execute with excellence to find those that are motivated to make the necessary changes to discover the life they have only dreamed of through simplification and focus of 7 vital lifestyle needs. Ami is committed to people and relationships. She is driven and motivated to assure her personal values: Leadership, Trust, Integrity, Ethics, Passion, Persistence and Tenacity reflect through all she commits herself to. When she is not working, Ami enjoys family, sports, outdoors and people. Life is all about the adventure!"