Alicia Partee

Change Agent, Innovative Leader & Global Influencer

"I’ve spent my life overcoming setbacks and challenges—while breaking barriers along the way. I’ve led technology teams for over twenty years at Fortune 500, startup and non-profit companies in Silicon Valley, before making a career change to clinical therapy in 2006. I’ve seen and experienced quite a bit during that time. However in 2013, when I followed my husband to Norway, I found myself in a new reality—no longer being “somebody” like I was back home. 

Feeling frustrated, alone and wanting desperately to be seen and accepted for who I was, I went on a quest for solutions. I was able to connect on a deeper level with myself, uncovering my strengths and allowing my authentic self to once again be seen. That discovery process led me to the realization there are many just like me and it’s why I created Authentigrate—a global program designed to help others live authentically while integrating in any new culture they find themselves, so they can uncover who they truly are and live in genuine connection with others."


Alicia Partee is a change agent, innovative leader, and global authority with an entrepreneurial approach to ideation and stakeholder engagement. Alicia brings a unique lens to the conversation as a licensed mental health professional and as a spiritual influencer within her faith community. Throughout her diverse career, Alicia has been recognized for her keen business insight and talent for translating concepts into action. Her guiding principles and divine gifts are focused on building connections, bridging relationships, and facilitating changes and transitions that will enable individuals and teams to produce significant results for the community and the world.

Career Alicia has a diverse, expansive depth of knowledge due to her impressive career spanning industries and continents. Alicia began her career in the range of Fortune 500 companies to start-up organizations, including AT&T, MCI WorldCom, Globix, XO Communications, and PaymentONE. She led diverse teams to build state-of-the-art networking and telecommunications infrastructures and companies. After 20+ years in tech, Alicia transitioned to the roles of clinical program manager for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and general manager of the Embassy Employee Association (EEA) for the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway. Alicia moved into the nonprofit sector as the president and vice president (VP) of the Professional Women’s Network in Oslo, Norway. In this role, Alicia quickly received a promotion from VP to president, making her fully accountable for the organization’s vision and leadership.

In addition to her role as the founder and CEO of Generation Mobility AS, Alicia is also the executive pastor of the Maranatha Christian Center in San Jose, CA, where she has a built diverse work culture consisting of strong teams and key relationships that cocreate and drive innovative programming to propel change. Notable Achievements • Alicia is fiscally responsible for a $3M organization, including its budget allocation, expenses, operations, services, and programs. By developing strong partnerships with vendors, Alicia negotiated lucrative percentages of monthly sales that increased revenue by 27% for her employer. Alicia collaborated with her employer’s board of directors to advance strategic goals by cultivating a diverse, inclusive leadership team and successfully increasing revenue by 30%.