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We have lots of conversations in this space about DOING: actions we should take to optimize our businesses, goal setting, connecting with people, and getting noticed. But today, I want to slow down, take a deep breath, and talk about BEING. And I say, “take a deep breath,” because that’s a big part of honoring our need to BE instead of DO.

Let’s face it – we’ve been put through the wringer for the past few years: adapting, changing, pivoting, and then pivoting again. It’s easy to get swept away in the busy-ness of it all, because we are trying to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, while also striving to expand and grow as humans and entrepreneurs. It’s a lot!

So, when I say BEING, I’m talking about getting still for a moment, and really breathing. Consciously breathing to oxygenate our cells and our souls. How often do you do this? Do you wait until you’re wound up and stressed, or do you take the time to stop and take a few deep breaths throughout your day?

At a retreat that I was producing recently, I had the privilege to work with an amazing doctor, Dr. Delicia Haynes. She shared with us the 4-4-4-4 method of breathing, which helps to bring us back to center, back into our bodies. It takes some thought, but that’s what we want – to be conscious of how we breathe. She taught us to inhale for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, exhale for the count of 4, and hold it out for the count of 4. Try this for a few breaths, and do it several times per day. It’s amazing how the stress melts away. I have learned that it’s impossible to feel stress while taking deep, cleansing breaths.

Our bodies cannot perform all of the tasks we require of them if we don’t give them what they need. We all know about nutrition and exercise, but how often do we focus on our breathing? Our mental and emotional health is absolutely linked to our physical health, and being centered and “in our bodies” increases our health: mind, body and spirit. There are people who eat right and go to the gym three times a week, but still suffer heart attacks and other stress-related diseases. Why is that? Our bodies are not designed to operate well in heightened states of stress. Stress response is meant for emergencies, but we shouldn’t be in that state 24/7.

How can we pursue our dreams and desires if we don’t take care of our bodies? In addition to the deep cleansing breaths, I challenge you to look at other ways you can treat your body with kindness, so that it will be in the best condition to do everything you ask of it. Do you get enough sleep? How much water do you drink each day? Are you grounding?

Grounding is another beautiful tool you can use to get centered and just BE. Grounding can be achieved by taking a walk (preferably barefoot) on the grass, a beach, in the woods, or even on a wooden floor if you live in a cold climate. The earth’s energy helps to relax our nervous systems and allows us to feel calm and peaceful. Taking a bath in Epsom salts is grounding, because of the minerals it contains. The most beneficial way to do this would be to take deep, cleansing breaths WHILE doing your grounding practice. This is about protecting our personal energy: our thoughts, emotions, relationships, finances, spirituality, and physical bodies. It’s time to get out of our heads and into our hearts where we can be intentional about our dreams, plans, gratitude and possibility.

If you’ve been joining this conversation for a while, then you know that this is a dialogue, not a monologue. I’d love to hear how intentional breathing has made a difference in your life, whether you’ve been doing it for years, or if you just started today. Leave me a comment below and tell me when you are pausing to breathe deeply. Do you do it when you have to make a big decision, or when you feel overwhelmed and need to re-center?  Maybe you take a deep breath before having a difficult conversation or meeting someone for the first time. This is your community, your tribe, and I love hearing from you.  Your comments let me know how we are connecting with one another.  I love you, and I believe in you – I really do. Take some deep breaths and I’ll see you real soon.

Your Sister in Prosperity & Possibility,

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  1. ora d gooch
    ora d gooch says:

    Hello: Lisa i have been holding my breath for something to happen in my life to allow me to breath easy and i keep holding out for it to come,and today i got it its up to me to let go of the things i’m holding my breath for and take that deep one and let go.
    Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nyke
    Nyke says:

    I am grateful for the gift of taking a deep breath when I have done all human possible and things don’t just fall in line as I expected.
    I caution myself by letting it go through releasing the breath and hand over the matter to God. I feel good afterwards irrespective of the outcome.
    Thank you, Lisa.
    I appreciate your good work

  3. Treva ONeil
    Treva ONeil says:

    Oh my goodness…what a beautiful thing. This was just what I needed today! Also, this is the first time I’ve heard breathing explained in detail with instructions of the seconds. It did make me feel so much better as I sit here, waiting to start the week and ‘face the music’. This will be a challenging week for me. Six months ago, I was going to expand into sales, being self employed while keeping a part time job when I got a call from a previous employer needing me to come back to work for her and at almost twice the hourly rate. On Mondays and Tuesdays I work in an office, solo, while I wait on customers. Wednesday through Sunday I work in a fast paced, on my feet all day, whirlwind. This is a service industry and I’m rewarded with tips. I’m a hairdresser and a good one. I’ve worked under the woman’s management for just a short time a year ago but left for higher wages. I have been back long enough this time to see that her customer service skills are horrendous and I said one day that I believe one of the reasons we are so slow is becasue customers don’t like to be yelled at. Do it enough times and it will impact our numbers. I then went on to demonstrate the proper way to greet customers verses her way. She has been scheduling me less hours every week since. I am down to 24 hours this upcoming week and have been removed from the group chat, which is where our shcedule is given out. So, she is planning on getting rid of me. I filed for under-employment to make up for some of the wages I’ve lost. Once she is aware of it, I will be gone. I still have the part-time job and could possibly get one more day a week with them, while having the time to get into sales but right now I am rationing my food at home so that I don’t run out. I have been applying to other salons in the area of the same chain, for management positions. We have an owner and I texted him just a simple text asking if he had any management positions open in any of his other salons. He texted back that he would pass it along to his general manager. I then filed for under employment and debated informing him of the pending claim, or just wait for him to find out on his own.
    So, I have had alot on my mind this weekend. I am grateful for the time to reflect on all of this. The best scenario would be where he hears me, agrees with me and she is off the schedule and I take her place. She is running the business into the ground. I owned a salon once, and I built it up to the point that I was offered twice what I paid for it. I finally relented and sold it. I then owned a small mom and pop store. I took it from a $55,000 a year business to a $200,000 business in just one year. I would enjoy being in the driver’s seat again.
    Today, since my hours and days have been cut back, I’m off work and I have the time to take care of me.
    Thank you again, Lisa for the reminder to breathe.
    Truly, Treva

  4. Patricia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson says:

    This is my first time here, I know I have been shallow breathing for awhile. Thank you for helping me catch my breath, we’ll talk more later. Love you back✌❤️

  5. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Thank you Lisa!! This was a great reminder to how breathing can Center my soul. I can take the step back to try it all again be breathing and refocusing

    Love: Sam

  6. Mia
    Mia says:

    You have such a beautiful spirit and smile.
    I’m working on breathing properly, especially during moments of high stress.
    Thank you for this calm and important reminder.

    Peace and Light,

  7. Angela
    Angela says:

    Thank You for reminding me to return to breathing and quiet time. I had let the stress of the world take over my world.
    Be Blessed,

  8. Mary
    Mary says:

    On time post Lisa! I need to find my center again. Building and growing a business can be mentally taxing to say the least. I practiced meditation for years and I allowed life to throw me out of sync. Thanks for bringing me back to my roots of finding my center again.

  9. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Greetings Beloved with Praise and Thanksgiving. As I was listening and following,Yes Breathing made a great impression on my body and mind and I will now pay more attention to this often. Thank You and May The Almighty Bless You Abundantly Precious.
    Peace Love And Joy To You And I Look Forward To Receive More From You To Give More Blessings To You And Others. Love Always Always Love Yvonne

  10. Moneek Smith Burleson
    Moneek Smith Burleson says:


  11. Ionie
    Ionie says:

    Lisa, thank you for this message. I was checking emails as a way to not think about tomorrow’s challenges. I opened your email, clicked the link and did some breathing while listening to your calm and soothing voice. That breathing and your voice interrupted my negative thoughts and I get positive and great again. Thank you and love and blessings to you and the family. ❤️

  12. Sheron Clarke
    Sheron Clarke says:

    Thank you so much Lisa, this is a confirmation. I realized for a long time that my breathing is shallow but in the last four weeks I have been intentionally taking deep breaths. I can feel the difference in my mind and my body. I have even I included the importance of breathing in my new book “Mind over Matter: The 40 Keys to Transform Your Mind and Your Life. Always enjoy you!!!

  13. Erik Kelly
    Erik Kelly says:

    Thank you Lisa! This breath work is powerful and so effective in calming anxiety, restoring our focus & elevating our energy! I appreciate you sharing this. Much Love ❤️

  14. Sheila Miller
    Sheila Miller says:

    Good morning Ms Lisa. I just want to say thank you, thank you soo much for inspiring me. From the first time I listened to you, you spoke about your story I fell in love with you and Chulani. You have made a great IMPAC in my life. Thanks again. I’ve learnt how to say ‘No’ Grammy was right about that. I can now say No and feel no weight. Thanks for sharing this Breathing technique with us. After seeing this on yesterday I got super excited, cud When I get in bed feeling exhausted I usually take 2 deep breath to try and calm down and now after trying this my already feeling the difference. Transformation of self is what I want . Love you Lisa. I enjoy listening you. Keep up the good work you’re doing.

  15. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I’ve heard about many times you have to put things up for your dreams to come true money to dreams into your own bank account .

  16. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    Thank you for reminding me to breathe! I’m so caught up lately I know I need to take care of me, but so much has happen in the last 3 months around me that I feel that I’m lost! I’m taking care of my invalid mother who lost all abilities to walk from an infection in her spine! So I’m her care taker and I’m not getting much support! It is hard every time I’m trying to do something for me, like write this comment, I have to stop and feed her or she’s in pain or something! I have an aide cone in 3 days a week for six hours so that I can help my client and to work a couple hours! But I need to know how to continue on my destiny path without feeling lost and worn out! Thank you!

  17. Yvonne Stewart
    Yvonne Stewart says:

    Lisa thank you, for always being a beacon in the storms of our lives. I want so much to be a positive influence on the my peers, but people tend to drain my me. I will learn to breath again, regroup and prepare myself for the life’s purpose. Again thank you.


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