How To Speak Up For Yourself

I’m sharing one of the juiciest, most delicious, secret sauce exercises that is the VERY FIRST STEP to owning your voice and speaking up for yourself. 

Before you can own your voice, you have to be comfortable using your voice. Because what you say TO yourself and ABOUT yourself is what leads you to speak up FOR yourself. Can I get a yes! YES!!?

I have personally been doing this exercise for 21 years. It was what helped me find my happy and discover myself again after being diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression.

In this episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I explain the EXACT steps to practice my incredibly powerful, although sometimes uncomfortable, “Mirror Exercise” that involves looking in the mirror, talking to yourself, and completing three sentences with seven different endings.

Now it might feel a little bit bizarre, weird or strange to you. But don’t worry – I’ve been called bizarre, weird and strange for a long time now. 😉 There is a certain freedom in not having to be someone else’s version of normal … one of my own personal biggest #BOLs! (That’s a Breakthrough Out Loud). 

I invite you to watch the episode right now and please share with me in the comments what the biggest lesson was for you? What came up for you? What was the hardest part? What was your #BOL? 

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