How to Love Unconditionally

How do you define unconditional love?  

You see, most people hear the words UNCONDITIONAL love and immediately think it means a big GIGANTIC love…a HUGE love…an “I just love you SO much” kinda love.

But that’s not what it means to me. In this week’s episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I give you my definition of unconditional love, and it’s really pretty simple Can you love me through the ugly? Can you love me without any “ifs”? Can you embrace my now?

I read a statistic recently that said 50% of marriages end in divorce because one or both partners had the intention to change the other person. 

When you impose your agenda on someone else, that’s the definition of conditional love. 

Saying or thinking things like, “I’ll love you if…I’ll be with you if…I’ll support you if…I’ll cheer you on if…” Those are all CONDITIONS. 

Loving unconditionally means you are willing to embrace the other person and cheer them on to the next best version of themselves.  Loving them in their imperfection.  

I invite you to watch the episode and learn how unconditional love not only applies to romantic love, but extends to your friends, colleagues, parents, siblings, and most importantly – loving yourself.

Watch the episode right now and please share which part really hit home for you. Who do you love unconditionally? Who have you loved with conditions?

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