How To Let Your Light Shine

This week, I wanna know…how brightly are you letting your inner light shine? Are you at maximum wattage or do you still have your dimmer switch on? 

What is it costing you to NOT let your light shine as brightly as possible?  

For a long time, I knew I had this inner light in me. But I was afraid to let it shine. I didn’t know how to fully unleash it. I didn’t know how my friends of family would react. I didn’t know how I would fund my dream. I didn’t know who I would become if I allowed it to shine. 

The only thing I DID KNOW was that shining my light DID NOT come with an instruction manual! LOL

What I had to do was really turn inward. I had to ask myself: How would I feel if I got to the end of my life and realized I was not playing full out?

When you’re a bright, brilliant, powerful GIANT (and yes, I mean every one of you in this community or you would not be here reading this), we can give 70% of ourselves and the rest of the world is like WOW. I challenge you to imagine what giving your 100% of yourself would look like or maybe even squeezing out 120%.  

Why? Because I want you to live a life with NO REGRETS. I want you to LEAP even when you are scared. I want you to understand that you only have ONE JOB and that’s to let your light shine

And that DOES NOT have to be from a stage or some ginormous gesture out in public. Letting your light shine can be as simple as saying I love you or I forgive you or just showing up, being in the room, playing full out, and spreading a little love to someone around you.

Remember, this is your home. It’s a safe space to create and a place where you are free to be you among a whole tribe of powerful giants. I love when you express your feelings here. I love when you talk to me. I listen when you speak, and I read your truths. So please share with me in the comments below what stood out for you?  How will you let your light shine just a little brighter this week? What was your #BOL? 

I am here to celebrate you but also…I’m here to not let you off the hook! So, go out and shine that big, beautiful light of yours.

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