How To Let Go Of People’s Perceptions of You

If you’ve been part of my tribe for a while, you know my grandmother has dished out some pretty delicious wisdom over the years. When I was 21, she told me, “Baby, other people’s perceptions of you ain’t none of your business.”

So when the topic of “How do I manage to be in a relationship where I constantly feel judged” came up, it made me think about all the times we let our joy and peace of mind be tied to someone else’s perceived opinion of us.

I used to care so much about what everyone thought of me.

I unconsciously tried to do things to change or influence or control their opinion. It wasn’t until I really developed my self-awareness and realized I had nothing to prove, protect, defend or hide from, that I learned to just let it go. To just be me and let my light shine. To simply respect the opinion of others.

In this episode of the Lisa Nichols Show, I give you some tips on how to divorce yourself from trying to control what other people think. Sound intriguing?

I invite you to watch the episode and find out how to quit the “I’m right” tug of war and just let go.

Let me know which part hit home for you in the comments below.

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