How to Keep your Confidence Up When Working Toward Your Goals!

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “Lisa, how do I maintain my confidence and conviction toward reaching my goals when things seem to be taking WAY too long to materialize?

This subject is one that I know a little something about…the challenge of learning how to play the long game.  Trust me…I know what that’s like to WANT things to be moving faster, yet it feels like you’re going at a snail’s pace.

What I know for sure is that when most of us set our big, bodacious goals, we forget to factor in that life is also happening around us at the same time. We don’t factor in our family needing us as much as they do. We don’t factor in running out of money or having to spend our money in a different direction. We don’t factor in health, especially if we get shocked with a health issue.

So I wanted to share with you my top 4 strategies to maintain your confidence and focus when you’re on your way to a big goal and it seems to be taking longer than expected.

#1 Set up the timeline to factor in the unexpected.

I know that sounds crazy. But the worst thing that can happen with allowing yourself some extra time is that nothing unexpected happens, so you hit your goals sooner. If I want to hit a goal in 6 months, I give myself 8, 9 or 10 months to do it. Setting a timeline that actually allows and plans for the unexpected helps you maintain your confidence and self-esteem.

#2 Understand and recognize your micro wins inside of your macro goals.

Why? Because if you don’t celebrate your micro wins along the journey, you will feel miserable as you begin your climb. Too much time will elapse between setting the goal to begin with and the chance to celebrate achievement.

#3 Make sure you are in an active community with a group of people every other week that can hold you accountable.

People who ask you these questions:

  • What small step did you take over the last two weeks to hit your macro goal?
  • What wins do you want to celebrate?
  • What actions are you committed to taking to move forward?

This will set you up to stay focused, keep your confidence high and help you to stay in movement.  Meet every other week, for 59 minutes or less.

#4 Remember that you set the date to achieve your goal, but that is only YOUR date.

Allow that date to have movement. To be fluid and flexible.

I love hearing from you, so please share below what resonated for you. What was your #BOL (breakthrough out loud for those of you who might be new around here)? Do you have a big goal you’ve been going after for a long time and have begun to lose confidence because it’s taking WAY TOO LONG? What did you hear that might help you along your journey?

Remember, this show is not a monologue. It is a dynamic, delicious dialogue. And I’m here to listen as well as teach and share. I love seeing your engagement with me and the other gladiators and change agents in our tribe. This is a beautiful community. This is your home.  

I believe in you, and I love you. I really do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and Possibility,

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  1. Lema
    Lema says:

    Hi Lisa
    So great to be part of this amazing community.
    I love your top 4 strategies -the main one for me is
    #2 Understand and recognize your micro wins inside of your macro goals

    The micro is such an essential part of keeping momentum, moving forward in achieving the desired outcome

    Thank you
    Wishing all a blessed week x

    • Clint Chase
      Clint Chase says:

      I have been on my spiritual journey for 37 yrs. taking very small steps along the way.
      I used to say what is taking so long to reach my goals and through intuition I keep hearing
      ” It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey ” and OH !!! what a fantastic journey it is.
      I celebrate each small step along the way !!! each step is accumulative into taking bigger steps and leaps of faith. I have come so far just since 2020 has began, this, I know is my year of miracles and BOL’s Each and every step is a micro-win !!!
      Thank You Lisa !!! I LOVE YOU !!! NAMASTE EVERYONE !!!

      CILLER GIBSON says:

      My, BOL moment was I have to start celebrating my current success now! I have produce some achievements! And, Im proud of myself! Trust the process..

  2. Katrina F.
    Katrina F. says:

    Thank you, my #BOL was the entire message. Being flexible, celebrating the micro wins and having an accountability community are action steps I need to be proactive about as I strive for my goals. Thank you once again!

  3. Leona Martin
    Leona Martin says:

    Thank you Lisa for the great advice! I am a 60+ business owner who just retired from my corporate job and am relaunching my career coaching business so I can do it full time. I’ve had much anxiety as I’ve been telling myself I’m too old to do this but I am passionate about what I do working with clients to help them develop and work on their career goals and I’ve gone as far as taking a life coaching course that I’d like to incorporate into the business! I needed to hear the part about celebrating micro wins because as you mentioned it just seems like it just takes too long for things to happen. I’m at a stage though where I am telling myself you are never too old to follow your dreams! Thanks again for your inspiring words!

    • Kerry Lang
      Kerry Lang says:

      Leona yay I’m cheering you on! It’s so great to hear from another 60+ woman who has the courage to chase her dreams despite the fact that many would tell you you’re too old to begin a new venture. Sending you positive vibes of happiness and success.

  4. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I just love your spirit, I have been listening to your Audiobook and I learn daily.
    This vlog is just so timely, I am one of those that live in the future, and find it difficult celebrating my ‘micro wins’, and I have many of them in my business! So I have to learn to count my blessing and name them one by one, to keep me in the hear and now.
    I also need a community of accountability partners, how do I do that?

    • Kathryn
      Kathryn says:

      To find an accountability group, find people that are doing something similar to you and connect with them. Tell them your goals. Let them know when you have achieved your micro goals. Let them know you are there as well. -Kathryn

  5. Rick Stein
    Rick Stein says:

    Great advice Lisa. Most of my life I have given in to the irritation of impatience. I drive real hard sometimes. I have learned more lately how to let it happen rather than always making it happen. Sometimes things are delayed so that they are even more than I had planned. My spiritual guide usually has even more to give me, I need to become more to receive it and share it.

  6. JacqT
    JacqT says:

    I am working on my apparel shop. It has been a journey and I was just starting to feel things were not going fast enough, though I am making progress. Thank you for the reminder to “Celebrate the Micros!”

  7. Sandra Ibrahim
    Sandra Ibrahim says:

    I want to be a motivational speaker but I struggle to find my message and I want to improve my communication skills as well.
    My confident get shook because I feel lost at times along this journey.
    Thanks for listening
    Sandra D. Ibrahim, RN

    • Dawn
      Dawn says:

      Hi Sandra,

      I’d say think about your story and use that as a starting point to motivational speaking. What do you overcome, breakthrough or do that exceeded expectations. These things provide your backbone for motivational speeches. Hope this helps.

    • Walker
      Walker says:

      hi Denise! I loved seeing your WOW revelation! The space to celebrate what I have done and let life moments flow when they unexpectedly may come without an element of panic from missing a milestone has eluded me at times too! For me, Lisa’s message is about trusting that our goal hasn’t been impacted because of the event and staying in action regardless even if the steps may be smaller for a bit of time is ok. In fact, it may even serve it, lol! Have a great day! 😉

  8. Mesi james
    Mesi james says:

    Right on time, as I get discouraged based on the amount of time I am taking to reach my goal. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of recognizing the micro-goals that I have accomplished as I venture onward and upward. I much appreciate you and your showing up in my life right on time.

  9. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for this. For me, the “wait” is related to reaching potential customers, waiting on a “Yes” to do business with me, getting meeting scheduled with stakeholders.

    Is your advice the same in this instance? I noticed much of this message was around family challenges.

    Thank you

  10. Cassandra Hill
    Cassandra Hill says:

    Lisa this video really resonated with me. When setting goals I have periods where I am too critical of myself when I don’t reach my goals in a specified time. I am learning how to celebrate my micro-wins thanks so much for the reminder to stay on task!!

  11. Dr Shay
    Dr Shay says:

    I appreciate the reminder about celebrating my micro wins. Ironically, I coach other people to do that all the time. This coach needed to receive that coaching from you…thank you…

  12. Dr. Dominique' Reese
    Dr. Dominique' Reese says:

    I realized, I’m not properly setting my goals and I know how, but am not. I say I want to do this and I get it done or days pass and then I do it. Without the goal set properly, as a SMART goal, I have no Time bound element. This can make things feel like they’re taking too long and definitely doesn’t account for any unexpected events. I’ve learned from this post that I should maintain the same standard I set for my clients, practice what I preach. And further, go ahead and launch the accountability group I’ve been wanting to launch. If I need accountability, I’m sure others in my email list do too. I let fear stop me. Thank you for this lesson.

  13. Tia Bkackmon
    Tia Bkackmon says:

    Hi, how are you? This video has helped me in that I see now that I have to consider life happening and factor that in. Also, I have to not drop the ball because I feel it isn’t working out because its going so slow; but I have to keep putting a best foot forward.

  14. Stephen Teye
    Stephen Teye says:

    I really enjoy this great piece from you. The part that hit me so hard was recognize, and celebrate micro wins while pursuing your macro goal. I fail so much at this, however, I will put this to use. Thank you soo much Lisa.

  15. Courtney Alysan
    Courtney Alysan says:

    “What small step did you take over the last two weeks to hit your macro goal?” I usually take my goals head-on. Running full force at them then trip and fall a number of times before I succeed or fail!

  16. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Hello, Lisa. In this episode of remembering confidence skills I was glad to hear that even when I don’t hit the intended goal right on point that I shouldn’t feel bad or beat myself up about it. And your skill points have allowed me to feel as though I am able to keep moving forward, because there are areas that I have made great strides in. I just chalked them up to moving on the path, not including them in the over all picture.
    Thanks for giving me an insight into the whole, instead of working on the edge trying to pull those edges together feeling like I was moving too slow. #BOL Carolyn

  17. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    This was just what I needed to hear!! I want yp start my own Ytube channel and I only got to the name. You have motivated me to keep pushing

  18. Janet Grillo
    Janet Grillo says:

    Thanks Lisa for your words of encouragement and giving me permission to not beat myself up when things do not go as planned. I published the book “God Promised Me Wings to Fly: There is Life After Suicide” in 2018. My greatest sales come from motivational speaking. Definitely would like more sales through Amazon. Also, I am the designer and owner of all IP for the “Veterans Suicide Awareness Flag.” TM. On average 22 American Veterans commit suicide every day; 660 every month and more than 7,000 each year. My goal is to get corporate sponsorships to be able to donate a flag to all VA locations to be flown beneath the American flag. I am passionate about both projects. I want to accomplish much and get discouraged along the way. However, I will never give up. Thanks

  19. Aimee
    Aimee says:

    Hi Lisa, I have listened to you for a long time now and you have always been an inspiration to me. Like you, I am also a single mom to a fantastic go getter 12 year old son. I have always wanted more for us and I have always known that I wanted to do great things for others. I have been trying different business models for the last 4 to 5 years and nothing seems to work for me. My current go was opening an e-commerce store, and it’s been 2 years and I can’t seem to keep the momentum going for advertising and making a profit.The last few weeks I think I have come to my senses that maybe it’s just not meant for me. I feel like I have put so much into it without a return. I have recently been faced with financial issues, and unexpected life events. I’m thinking it’s better to do what I should do..sharpen up my resume and go back to school, but I can’t stop thinking about having something of my own. Do you believe that sometimes we need to put things on hold to help us get ahead at times or clear our heads? To be honest, I feel i was put here to help other mothers in my situation and lead them to make themselves a better image of themselves. I always think about it…what is my problem? Thanks for listening!

  20. Denise
    Denise says:

    This was SO timely. Just last night I worked through the bulk of updating one of my websites that’s taken much longer than planned. Every time I get to a point of serious #BOL moments on my personal business goals my 9-5 overwhelms my time. In a good way, like a recent unexpected promotion… but that’s been a cycle for years. Excellence in professional life choking my entrepreneurialism. So your website analogy was perfect! I was able to give myself gifts – plural of micro-wins. Transforming. Thanks for your work.

  21. vesna
    vesna says:

    hey dear Lisa ,love to hear you as always, 1.I am on a good way,Im 3 hd month in gym,till jully I have to achive my goal to have abbs like never till now in my life… 2. my long term wish is also to married,I dream about nice,small wedding with my LOVE on the beach ,close to the see,cuz my looooooong term goal is to live close to the sea…3..I want my fammilly will be UNITED,till now I am living in my country with 2 beautifull kids and my partner is living in uther country….so I really need a looooot of positivity in my life to go throu this,but I belive that with your help it will be much easier…Im tired of being without my love close to me…3
    #BOL I had to hear it that I am not alone,that we r a community,and thats makes me feel so positive that I wake up every day full of positivity,I dont have time annymore to think negative….Thank you verry much

  22. Big Mama
    Big Mama says:

    Being a person blessed with great vision makes it difficult at times to move at appropriate pace.
    Drive and tenacity have seem to become the wheels of the obscure motion I ride on day in and day out until I collapse each night with my laundry list of things to accomplish tomorrow.
    Then after successfully maintaining this ridiculous cycle of foolishness, you’d think I have much to celebrate, but instead it is then I begin to doubt or question myself.
    Good news is I don’t stay down long, bad news Albert Einstein was right, this really is ‘insanity’!

    Until today…..

    Factor In…Flex the Time ….Fire Away!

    Keep doing what you’re doing Ms. Lisa!

    You truly are motivating the Masses!

  23. Radiance
    Radiance says:

    Hello beauties! I love this community! I believe in your dreams becoming reality! Thank you Lisa for being such an inspiration. I am SOul great full for your voice! Thank you! Today’s mind full space resonates in my heart…that celebration. The cheering center of my younger self. Dynamic! YAY! I have grown used to the timeframe of fulfilling not only my dream, but my life purpose. I am nearly 50 and my vision began when I was in my early 20’s. From the time I was five, I knew I would become a rockstar…I was setting out to live that life yet my mom wanted me to graduate college. In my final year of college, I prayed to be shown my purpose and I witnessed a teenage suicide. I took my final year to research and find insights into the prevention of suicide. I spent much of my time in my youth, touring. Those walls transformed and the story continued. Three years ago I could no longer listen to the amount of people being gunned down in schools and I wanted to understand how I could bring emotional literacy to the masses. I took my own money and began my program, Lighthouse Affects. Spent all my cash, proved my point…and now I am back at the next beginning. Now, all of these years later, I am preparing my theory for my doctorates degree on how music can transform the neurochemistry within brain. It’s a journey, worthy of a mighty dedicated life dance. Your videos are my reminder to continue to gently unfold the life before me as my world falls together.

  24. Tanya Araiza Ramirez
    Tanya Araiza Ramirez says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You’re so awesome and I love all you do! It just so happens that today I really felt like giving up on my big goal of pursuing a career as an author, but your advice to focus on micro-wins really helped to keep me going! I’m so glad I watched this video today! What perfect timing 🙂 Thank you!

    • Lisa Nichols
      Lisa Nichols says:

      Tanya, I’m so glad you found this video when you needed to hear it. I’ll be looking for your comment in the future telling me your book is published.

  25. Lidia W
    Lidia W says:

    I have an idea for an online business and what I took away from your video was to set a goal and to take small steps to stay motivated.
    Thank you Lisa

  26. Mahlomola
    Mahlomola says:

    I can’t find it in me to honestly celebrate my micro-wins or my macro-wins.
    As a result I am always demotivated.

  27. Ulla Ceesay
    Ulla Ceesay says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for this important reminder. I studied for an University degree at the age of 47 after returning back to my home country and thought that this fresh piece of paper will guarantee an amazing career opportunity here. I enjoyed the studies, got to travel to places never imagined I would go.
    Prior to this I have been living and working abroad for over 22 years, learned the new languages, got the jobs, so at least back at home, I expected the same flow to continue.

    However, I graduated from Uni faster than my 20 years younger classmates, and with excellent grades. I thought to be exactly what the job market was looking for, a skilled, language skilled, with international experience and with a fresh University degree!
    But the responses to my applications were ‘Unfortunately…’

    So, I never celebrated my graduation. Actually I was angry at myself for not getting a job. My family found it weird of not celebrating. Only a year later I could open up about the shame I had loaded myself with for not being able to get a job in my own county! I didn’t want to empathize with age discrimination on recruitment processes, even though I heard and red about it.
    I kept on applying. Got some three to six month contracts, and now I’m still at home.

    Lisa, you got me to look back on how many applications I have sent, in how many job interviews I was ‘a strong second candidate’. I notice that I keep applying, over and over again. I keep scrolling on all possible recruitment sites. I keep calling to inquire about the positions. I keep drafting, modifying, studying on how to improve and how to stand out.

    I noticed that 75% of jobs I applied for were far beneath my capacity. The 20% I knew would be my next step, I did not apply as I thought I wouldn’t fulfil their criteria. The last 5% of applications I drafted to create a perfect application to get to my dream post, and I never send it.
    I realize having standing on the edge of a quantum leap, one foot across the line, the other foot still behind it.

    Today Wednesday, I’m waiting for a phone call from a recruiter of a company I always looked up to. She said to call me this Friday. This will be my next step. To learn, to improve the financial balance.
    I decided to celebrate my each and every decision to continue, no matter what. And how did I celebrate? I had a warm, relaxing cupping session at the Chinese medical specialist. To enjoy, to relax, to give my body and mind the thanks, the boost, the recovery it needs.
    I’m celebrating getting back on track!

    • Reginald Mason Jr
      Reginald Mason Jr says:

      Thank you , for that inspiration , as far as hitting your goals, I dont Celebrate my Micro wins and i should even though pur company doea celebrate it , here at GanoExcell, so thank you for reminding me about the little wins along the way , Micro Wins, i will get to my Huge wins for my kids and i , i must make that happen, I will keep you updated and watch everyday your wisdom and Nuggets, i have been following you since i seen you on the Secret many years ago , you havw a Phenomenal story of making it trough Adversity and still ending you winning , its a Beautiful thing!!
      Thank you for all that you do!!!

    • Ulla Ceesay
      Ulla Ceesay says:

      Dear Lisa,

      My deepest thanks to your faithfulness regarding your commitment to motivate people everywhere in the world, which you truly do. Your boosting video’s are exactly what I need at that moment, and therefore: I got the job! Time to celebrate!

  28. James Brockway
    James Brockway says:

    How does a habitual negative thinker break free and move to a more positive minded person and manifest great things.

  29. Mary Jackson
    Mary Jackson says:

    I needed to hear about allowing time for life to happen in planning to reach my goals. I needed the 3 questions to ask myself and my accountability partners, because I forget to celebrate the micro wins along the way. #BOL


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