Generational Differences 

You’ve probably heard me talk many times about our community, and how in this space, we engage in COURAGEOUS, DYNAMIC, DELICIOUS conversations. 

So…this week I wanted to do a little something different and share with you one of my own UNSCRIPTED conversations with my son, Jelani, and my nephew, Justin, to get their generation’s perspective on how communication, respect and parenting have changed over time. Be sure to watch til the end when my dad makes a surprise appearance! 

Some of the topics we talk about, include: 

  • How social media and technology has changed the way we communicate
  • How parenting has changed over time and the importance of being a parent first and a friend second
  • Respecting the wisdom of your elders
  • How discipline and accepted behavior has changed
  • Serving children age-appropriate truths
  • Some of the most OUTRAGEOUS things they have seen on social media,
  • And the lessons my son and my nephew want to pass down to their children when they become fathers someday.

After you watch, drop a comment below and share with me what generational differences strike you the most? I love reading your #BOLs (breakthrough out louds). If you have children, did you raise them differently than you were raised? Do you see a difference in how this next generation communicates? What is the most outrageous thing you have seen lately on social media? How have you noticed parenting styles change over time?  What lessons do you remember the most that were taught to you as a child? What key principles guide your life? 

Thank you for letting me share my family, the people who matter to me the most, with you.  Remember, YOU are part of my extended family. And when I say I love you and I believe in you, it’s because I truly do.

Your Sister in Prosperity and in Possibility,

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    • Ms. Wanda
      Ms. Wanda says:

      Ms. Lisa and family, I would like to say, thank you for allowing God to use you. To hear Jelani and Justin to speak with such wisdom filled my heart with joy. Please continue to make more videos for the sake of the children.
      Ms. Wanda

    • D Choto
      D Choto says:

      Thank you so much Lisa, Jelani and Justin
      Good teaching, family is important.
      Passing wisdom generationally. Much appreciated.

  1. Barbara Lewis
    Barbara Lewis says:

    Parents, elders and adults as a whole forget that they are the teachers. We all must demonstrate what it is we wish and need to see and experience in the Universe.

  2. Julie
    Julie says:

    I truly believe in open communication wether it be with your spouse, parent or children. It is a must that you share how you feel in order for that person to know the why, otherwise, it’ll continue to happen. I do this even with my 21 year old who I feel is slipping through my hands. While he is working and on the right path, I am feeling the widening distance between us. As he embarks on his future, I am sensing the lack of need from mom and I am missing the closeness we used to share. Therefore, I made it a priority to ask him to sit with me so that he can know how I am feeling. It is hard letting go.

    • Betsy
      Betsy says:

      Right with the Mom above…
      Letting go & letting son ” spread his wings” great but sooo hard!! Appreciate your video.All of your honesty..

  3. Tahirah T
    Tahirah T says:

    Really enjoyed this conversation with the three of you. It was natural flow between you all. I appreciate the perspective of Jelani and Justin. I like to see more guest join you Lisa. It makes the viewing experience even more relatable.

  4. Comfort
    Comfort says:

    Hi Lisa, Jelani and Justin,

    Thank you for this video that is straight from the heart. It’s really good to hear the voice of young adults talking about what they think of parenting in this age and what they will pass on to their own children when they eventually have them.

    Many parents and young adults need to hear this, to know that love cares and corrects and that the correction is for a better future for the child and for the peace of the community / nation and the world.

    God bless you Lisa, you are light in the world especially as a single mother, to bring up a well disciplined son who appreciates the kind of upbringing you gave him.

    Peace and Love to you and all yours in Jesus name.

  5. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for this insight. I really enjoyed hearing the guys’ perspective. I have been speaking to middle & high school students as a motivational speaker for 18 years and they shared some of the exact things that I hear from students. The biggest culprits are overuse of technology, social media, lack of connection between parents and children. Blessings to you all!

  6. Teresa Graham
    Teresa Graham says:

    I feel parenting has a lot to do with the disconnect…..I was raised old school raised my kids and Grands old school and now aiding in the great brands being raised old school….by old school I mean with respect, consequences, morals and of course the eye giving over the glasses….it makes a difference….it must be done regardless of what the world’s does I do what works with mine

  7. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    Imagine being in prison for 27 years. What are they going through when they leave. Motivating The Masses I think would be helpful on prison tv or I pads in prison. I appreciate your conversations and perspectives. Keep it motivating. Thanks

  8. Patrick Sealey
    Patrick Sealey says:

    Great topic “Miss Lisa!”. I firmly believe that relationships are more important than all our accomplishments. I’ve often met persons who have accomplished many things in life but end up brokenhearted, lonely, and afraid. In the process of climbing to the top they failed to stay connected with close friends and family. When the chips are down (failing health, unemployment etc.), they have no one to turn to. The answer to that dilemma is to connect and maintain our primary relationship with the Almighty God who gives the capacity to love self and others, whilst staying connected.

  9. Camille
    Camille says:

    Dear Lisa and Friends,
    I do agree with positive communication strategies, however I still feel that as an adult, it is our duty to facilitate and guide the little ones about acceptable and inacceptable behavior. Yes, let them question the who’s, why’s and what’s and discuss in a manner to build their consciousness and critical thinking. Long ago as parents, we never asked, “Why are you?” “What is your feeling or How are you feeling now?” I really think it is a two way street for both parents and children, and in the long run, both will grow to love and respect each other more, because of positive two way communication.

  10. Erica
    Erica says:

    PeaceIN… Happy December❄ Lisa and Family, Perfect timing the holiday season brings together many generations of family, word in due season. I enjoyed this immensely. The young men articulated their thoughts and feelings very well. Thank you for sharing your family with us . Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family. … PeaceOUT


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