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Lisa Nichols

NYT Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach

"Just start down the path and watch the necessary resources, knowledge, people and opportunities unfold before you."

From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.


Coming Soon!

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Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned for Updates

I know that my divine calling is to serve others through my inspiration and words. Being around like-minded individuals has given me the courage to do so and has made me realize that I am not alone. I’m sticking to my dream, I’m living my passion, and I’m shining my light.

-Ashley Rodriguez

My brilliant friend, you’re already a hero. 

And now, it’s your time to turn SUPER.

You’re a seeker and searcher who lives for acceleration. You’re always looking for ways to better your best.

You’ve achieved great things in your personal and professional life - and you refuse to rest on your laurels, or get complacent.

You want more freedom and abundance in every area of your life - in love, relationships, spirituality, and finances… but know you need accountability to get there.

You’re an extraordinary “lone ranger” who doesn’t fit into ordinary circles -- and you’re looking for your tribe of fellow unicorns.

You’re a conscious, aware servant leader who’s ready to serve the planet at a higher level - whether that’s starting a business, writing a book, or speaking on stages.

You’re the go-to person who needs somewhere to go to - a solution seeker and path creator craving support to help YOU find your way.

Sound like you? 

Then you’re exactly where you need to be.
(And I can’t wait to meet you in person.)

Keep reading…

At The Extraordinary YOU!
we’ll equip you with everything you need to...

Turbocharge your Transformation

Learn + apply the techniques, exercises, and personal mastery systems that will help you push past old beliefs and patterns, level up, and continue to play big consistently.

Heal your

Uncover the reasons for your triggers, and rewire your brain and communication strategies to build bridges, eliminate chaos, and transform the way you respond to conflict INSTANTLY.

Find your

Get the accountability you crave to leap bigger than you’ve ever leaped before --alongside other unique unicorns and game-changing gladiators who are playing as full-out as you are.

… And claim your SUPERhero cape as you design the
next season of your life. 

Let’s get started.

I now have a community of like-minded people that I can relate to and grow with that challenge me, encourage me, support me and keep me accountable to make my dreams a reality.

- Penny W.

I feel equipped with the right tools to be successful in my journey. I know if I fail I must get up and get back out there to share what God has placed in me for His people.

- Quilla K.

The Extraordinary YOU! Event provides a safe, supportive environment of your like-minded peers, where you’ll learn new strategies to: 

> Break through your barriers and limiting beliefs, and put an end to your patterns of self sabotage

> Fall back in crazy love with yourself, your dreams, and who you really are underneath it all

> Communicate more effectively with your peers, colleagues, and loved ones

> Make integrity-based decisions with confidence and love

> Begin the process of self-discovery and take responsibility for your behaviors and their futures. 

> Remove your masks, and utilize tools to help you communicate your personal greatness with the world

> Identify your negative self-talk, understand the impact it has had on your life, and learn how to shift to a more powerful conversation

> Bring out your own highest good - and the highest good of everyone you meet

What makes The Extraordinary YOU!
different from any personal development event out there?

We create an unparalleled safe space for you to undergo powerful, permanent shifts right there in the room.

We constantly push past your limitations, with interactive experiential learning that allows you to develop the skills you need as you go.

You don’t have to wait 90 days or 6 months to HOPE you get to the benefits. The curriculum is designed to create change AT the event.

We go the extra miles (yes, plural) to surpass just motivation and inspiration, and instead spark key transformation in real time.

We create micro tribes (a.k.a. Tight-knit communities) for you to live and coexist in after the event for accountability, which creates astronomical growth and results. 

Our vibe is deeply luxurious, expansive, and fun. There will be dance parties right alongside those breakthrough moments.

Wondering if YOU should be in the room with us this May?

Imagine this:

You’ve spent three incredible days at The Extraordinary YOU!, focusing on yourself, your dreams, and how you’re going to step into your next level as a SUPERhero - with all the abundance, creativity, deepened relationships, and connection to your purpose you crave.

You’ve explored. You’ve released. You’ve laughed. You’ve cried. The weight has been lifted.

And most importantly: you’ve been understood, and understand yourself better, too. 

(In fact, you’ve made such deep connections in the room, you feel as though you’re leaving with a new circle of close friends.)

And now, you’re confident and ready to step forward into the next season of your life:

You’ve opened yourself up to understanding your purpose, and the legacy you want to leave.

You welcome this new phase in your life with open arms, and have a clear picture of where you want to go.

You’ve begun to step into what you’re capable of, stop taking care of everyone else, and really show up for yourself.

You’ve had incredible ah-ha’s around your relationships, desires, goals, and everything you’ve been neglecting in your life in the name of “working hard”.

You’ve learned new tools to set aside your need for external validation, and shifted your focus to pursue what will make YOU proud and fulfilled.

You’ve found your tribe, and can’t wait to support one another as you leap forward into writing that book, starting that business, or sharing your story from the stage.

Topics we’ll cover will include:

Self Esteem

Self Love

Self Investment

Self Reflection


Self-Mastery and Mindset

PLUS: Rub elbows with phenomenal teachers
who are best-kept-secrets on the planet.

While I’ll be your teacher and coach for most of the weekend, I’ll be joined by two of my all-time favorite experts who are completely dedicated to facilitating your transformation - and NOT pitching you on their products.

The Extraordinary YOU! Event schedule:

Platinum Level Registration Opens at 8 AM
Platinum Level Coaching Session Begins at 9 AM

Gold Level Registration Opens at 2 PM
General Session Doors open at 3 PM

Livestream Experience Begins at 3 PM

Experience a full day with Lisa Nichols and The Extraordinary YOU! Facilitators, beginning early morning and extending into evening activities.

Experience a full day with Lisa Nichols and The Extraordinary YOU! Facilitators, beginning early morning and ending between 6 and 8 PM.

* Start and end times are subject to change. A detailed agenda will be provided as we get closer to the event.

ABout your event host
Lisa Nichols

LISA NICHOLS is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. From a struggling single mom on public assistance to a millionaire entrepreneur, Lisa’s courage and determination has inspired fans worldwide and helped countless audiences breakthrough, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, Inc., Lisa has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women, and altered the trajectory of businesses throughout the country and across the world.

Lisa’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from public assistance for her family to leading a multi-million dollar enterprise is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. Today, fans worldwide revere Lisa for her mastery of teaching people how to accomplish unfathomable goals and tap their limitless potential.

A noted media personality who has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Extra – just to name a few.

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