Celebrating our 200th Episode

Okay, so today is a super special day. Today is the 200th episode of the Lisa Nichols Show. I want to take this time to sit in this beautiful space that we have created, and reflect on how far we’ve come since we started this show in 2016. At first, I didn’t even know if I should do a show. I wondered if anyone would watch it, and whether or not it would provide any value? I wondered if people would come back to watch more episodes – I had more questions than answers, but I did it anyway. I’m so glad I did. Our community and relationships that have been forged over those first 199 episodes have been so impactful for me, and I hope they’ve been impactful for you, as well.

I sometimes have to work it out – how can I share the journey of my life, my company, my struggles, my insights and my big wins in a way that will inspire you to use what I have learned to create the life that you long to live? How do I build a community that will learn and grow together and become a family? How can I look at myself from all directions – the 360 view of myself? That’s why we created this space where we can all strive to serve all parts of ourselves: the gladiator, the creator, the servant leader, the conscious, and at times, the weary. In reflection over the space we have created, I recently re-watched the very first episode of the Lisa Nichols Show. It was called The Difference Between Wealth and Abundance. I was blown away.

It showed me that even in episode one, and continuing through every episode since, we have focused on unleashing the next best version of you. See, this is a safe space where you can come at any given time, at any given place, and get step-by-step tools that you need to achieve your version of abundance. Regardless of whether this is your first time here, or you have watched all 200 episodes, you are going to be better today than you were yesterday. You are going to be committed at every level to do whatever it takes, no matter what. Together, we are deciding on our non-negotiables: what are the things that we are committed to making happen NO MATTER WHAT?

Over the years, I’ve shared tools and strategies for many areas of your life. One is to create an abundant life. What does that look like? Abundance is not something that’s just for some people, abundance is for all of us. Abundance is our birthright, but abundance may not be at our current address. How do you set your GPS to go get your birthright abundance? I’ve covered so many stories and I’ve done so many episodes on that conversation. It’s a topic worth talking about, because it’s something that we continue to strive for every day.

I’ve also talked a lot about sharing your story. Every single one of us has our own story, and for every story, there is someone out there who needs to hear it. Here’s what I learned years ago: “Lisa, your story isn’t just for you. Your story is for those who can be inspired by it.” So I began to share my story. There were times when going back and talking about being broken made me feel sad, but I knew that those stories could help someone who was currently in that situation, so I shared them anyway. I’m so glad I did.

Recently, I heard a beautiful young woman here in the Bahamas say that in some of her darkest hours, when she didn’t have electricity in her house, she would go to the gas station and would top up her phone, so she would have more minutes. She would get on YouTube and would look for Lisa Nichols. In her darkest hour, when it was just her and her sister, and she needed to find hope again, she would sit at the gas station, in the car with her sister, and watch the Lisa Nichols show. She was committed to changing her life, and she joined our community to help her do that. Her story and many others like it, are what drive me to keep creating episodes for you.

I created this community so that we can say, YANA: You Are Not Alone. This is where you are a perfect fit. We will always be your tribe, and I will always be your sister in the journey. We have a whole team of people here at the Lisa Nichols Show who are part of our community, and work with me to bring you the best content to help you step into your authentic, abundant self. I am so grateful that we can come together to deliver inspiration and ideas that join you on your path through life.

Finally, I want to say thank you. Thank you for trusting in me. Whether I’ve poured into you for just one episode, maybe this is the first one, or whether you’ve watched a couple, or all 200 episodes, I’m deeply, deeply grateful. I’m grateful that you trust me. My grandmother says, “The one thing you will never get back is your time.” So if you’ve spent 10 minutes with me, 10 seconds with me, or you’ve done some binge watching, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to you for coming back again and again. I hope that in each and every episode, I add value for you. I honor the dignity of who you are. I hope that you get it and you feel it when I say that I believe in you and I love you. Let’s go do another 200 together. I’ll see you real soon. Thank you for showing up for me, and more importantly, for yourself!

Your Sister in Prosperity & Possibility,,

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  1. Song noble
    Song noble says:

    Happy 200 th Anniversary Lisa Nichols!!! A man or Woman only begins to Be a man or woman when they cease to whine or revile, and commences to search for the hidden Justice which regulates his or her life. And as she adapts her mind to that regulating factor, she ceases to accuse others as the cause of her condition, and builds herself up in Strong and Noble thoughts; ceases to kick against circumstances, but begins to use them as aids to his or her more rapid progress, and as a means of discovering the hidden powers and possibilities within herself. Lisa voice spoke truth in Love and I was able to look inside. Thank you Lord for this woman.

  2. LaJeune McGoldrick
    LaJeune McGoldrick says:

    Thank you Ms Lisa Nichols for your continued inspiration & wisdom nuggets you share with us. Congratulations on 200th episode and many more to come! Love ❤️ & Joy to you & the team!

    Warm Regards,

  3. Paula Kirby
    Paula Kirby says:

    Congratulations Lisa Nichols this is like my first time actually been on this site I enjoyed the teaching and the learning in the motivation classes and I look forward to continuing you being here with me giving me the wisdom give me the directions and the blessings congratulations once again love you my sister ♥️

  4. Sandra compton
    Sandra compton says:

    Thank You Lisa your program has truly been a blessing to in helping to fix a broken miss understood life of mine…Thank for this opportunity to be able to connect with you in this way Facebook I shall not but listen and applying the steps are truly making a difference in my life I honor you for this program Sandra Compton

  5. Haleema Russell
    Haleema Russell says:

    Thank you so much. This was my first time tuning in and I believe I have found my tribe. I was literally playing in my head before this video, how I felt like I am this unicorn because of what I went through and still continue to go through. Thank you for having this amazing safe space for unicorns to come to and be encouraged ❤️ and now I will go back and binge watch!

  6. louise pyant
    louise pyant says:

    Thanks for being who you are .. transparent, inspiring and motivating. I recently attended your last conference in California and I haven’t stopped creating my dream… to reach as Ming people as possible with my message . I hsvd just about completed my book, launching a pod cast, and preparing to kn a live talk show all to reach, teach each .. you said my story isn’t about me.. I didn’t want to share my story either but I know now my story was, is to inspire others .. I provide them with higher step solutions and you Lisa inspired me. I’m not finished thank you Lisa you inspire me

  7. Amos Fon
    Amos Fon says:

    Dear Lisa,
    May the good Lord continue to bless You.

    I have listened to you over the years and your inspiring story and messages have brought me this far.
    My name is Amos Fon. I am your brother from Cameroon in Africa. I have always yearned to come under your wings for coaching and mentorship but always held back by finances. I am currently on a fellowship program at the University of Notre Dame. If you remember that day with your son Julian, over 20years ago when you couldn’t afford for him. That is where I am now, but far older than when you were there.
    One thing I know is that, I shall get over my situation, get my training and one day you will introduce me on your stage to tell my story. It has been a long way for me, but I am coming.
    Keep up the good work Lisa, my Sister.
    Amos Fon
    Notre Dame – South Bend
    +237 677 062 215 (WhatsApp #)

  8. Johnette
    Johnette says:

    Congratulations on your 200th episode. You are inspiring! Keep on doing what God has called you to do. You make a difference in this world. Love you too life my sister

  9. Rechelle
    Rechelle says:

    Thank you, Sis Lisa and I want to say congratulations to you on your 200 episode you had me tearing up and you are so right when you talked about the vision and we’ve discussed that Vision with some friends our family and they don’t hear what I said because truly God did not give it to them he gave it to us and that’s our own personal vision and this morning I open up to look at this video and truly you bless me thank you so much and may God continue to do the work in you as you continue to take this global love you Sister love you and I’m looking forward to seeing but God has for each of us and truly it has been some bumps in the roads but God❤ and again I say Thank you❤

  10. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Lisa, Congratulations on 200th episode. I had a hard time at work place. Each day was bad day at office. I used to watch your video ,through which I motivated myself…. my favorite one is “other people perception is non of our business”.It made a lot of difference within myself.…kept me moving…
    It’s a perfect time to say Thank you! …….Way to go…..

  11. Gaynell
    Gaynell says:

    Thank YOU Sister Lisa for ALL YOUR efforts of accomplishments and episodes of instructions and YOUR heart felt sessions to better and improve our desires to succeed in achieving goals before us. I would say that you’re “A Phenomenal Woman… Thanks! Enjoy Life with God’s Continuous Blessings…

  12. Nicky Foust
    Nicky Foust says:

    Thank YOU Lisa for always showing up for me. I have followed your journey for the last 15 years or so, and you always inspire me to be more myself. I have had the blessing to meet you twice, and I hope to again someday soon. Yes, please 200 more. I am also your sister in possibility, and am so grateful for you.


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